Keeping It Face to Face

Field Marketing

Field marketing is a direct approach within marketing methodologies, such as guerilla marketing, meaning we'd find innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product. Having a team of professionals available around the clock attending networking events, and other locations you see fit to promote within your industry. Representing your business adequately and professionally, also having different teams for different industries allowing for a more personal approach for your business.

All of our teams being trained in sales, and having a presentation to be taught about your business, having them informed not only on how to talk about your business, but also being informed on what to talk about within your business. Either if it's a limited promotion, or if it's on going promotions for your business, we do it all! Since every project, team, and approach is different - contact us now! Allowing us to provide a free hour long consultation to strategize your personally tailored project.